Lower Rates – Higher integrity – Exceptional Service

DM Vasquez Insurance Agency has been in business since November, 2003.   Darius M Vasquez is a licensed insurance agent in Arizona, and also a broker for many of the states health insurance companies.   The company is also very heavily involved in placing small business commercial insurance for all types of risks, and specializing in commercial auto, general liability, surety bonds, workers compensation, and many business owner packages.  Our goal is to be  leader in small business insurance here in the sourthern Arizona area, and primarily the Tucson area as well.


DM Vasquez Insurance heavily supports the well being of animals in our environment, and is an avid supporter or the Unites States Humane Society.  In particular, we are strong dog lovers, and find that dogs help us become better people.  We are advocates for the proper treatment of dogs, and highly discourage any animal abuse.  Help support your local animal shelter, and encourage adopting the next time you find that somebody would like a new dog in their life.